re:work your

Improving outcomes for Chicago’s untapped communities and diversifying tech through a free 8-week sales training and placement program. 

Why re:work training?

Our program is unique because it uncovers the relationship between the job hunt
and interviewing, and selling principles. By making the connection between
self-advocacy and being an effective sales professional, our candidates come
away with a deeper understanding of both processes than if they had learned
either discipline alone.

How? By giving motivated individuals the opportunity to learn marketable skills, access to our extensive network of hiring partners, and exposure to tech industry professionals and leaders who serve as mentors and coaches.
For our alumni, getting a good job is just the beginning. We support our growing community with advanced professional development, mentorship, and career coaching to help them become tech’s future leaders.
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Average Starting Salary

3.8 M+

Salary Back to Community


Free To Our Candidates

Our Candidates

Invest in Your Potential

Just because you don’t have 3-5 years of work experience or a 4-year college degree doesn’t mean you don’t have potential. re:work sales training gives you the resources necessary to succeed in tech and SaaS sales roles, and we leverage our network of corporate hiring partners to get you in front of top software firms. 

re:work’s tech sales training program isn’t about just getting a job – it’s about developing a career. Our candidates make an average starting salary of $55K a year with full benefits at companies that give their employees the room and tools to grow. 

Our program has no minimum educational or professional experience requirements. Unemployed, underemployed, and out-of-school job seekers are highly encouraged to apply.


Our Partners

Do More than Check the Box

re:work training corporate partners care about more than checking the diversity box. Companies like Groupon, Sprout Social, and DocuSign – to name a few – trust us to develop high quality, diverse candidates and invest their time, talent, and treasure into overlooked individuals and communities through our sales training program. 

Caring about diversity is caring about culture, and companies who work with us take professional growth as seriously as we do. Together, re:work and our corporate partners are creating a generation of diverse sales leaders. 

Our growing network of partners range from startups to enterprise tech firms. Join us today to be part of the movement. 

Our Volunteers

Make an Impact You Can Measure

Look around your office. How many people look like you? Made up of alumni, tech sales professionals, and industry leaders, re:work volunteers share our vision of a more diverse and inclusive workplace. 

Through sales training, coaching, mentorship, and consultation, our volunteers have a direct hand in our candidates’ placement and career development. To date, re:work volunteers have helped us empower over 80 candidates with full-time employment. 

Get involved with re:work and help change the face of tech.



Representing Chicago’s South & West Sides

Our mission is to make our workplaces look more like our neighborhoods, but what does that mean? In a city as multicultural as Chicago, it means making meaningful employment equally accessible to all residents regardless of zip code or skin color.

re:work alumni are more than tech sales professionals. They are parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, and role models. Hailing from some of Chicago’s most overlooked neighborhoods, our graduates not only improve their own outcomes, but change the trajectory for their families and communities as well – one success story at a time.



Invest in Us So We Can
Invest in Them

Companies need a strong, talented and diverse workforce. Chicago’s South and West Sides are full of hardworking and motivated individuals looking for the next step. Investing in re:work is an investment in our city’s untapped talent and communities.