Invest in 2020: 3 Goals for YOU and your career

Many of us are looking to improve our habits, find a good job, or start saving for something big. Whatever your goals are they all start with the same thing: YOU. Anything worth accomplishing will only happen if you invest in yourself FIRST. Here’s how:

1. INVEST IN YOUR MIND: Talk Less, Read More.

Whether you’re trying to optimize your social media presence, learn a new sales technique, or figure out how to manage a project, reading is and has always been an investment for the mind. Taking in knowledge feeds the soul, opens the eyes and nurtures your confidence. If you’re not a reader, never fear: podcasts, video blogs and audible books have made learning new things easier than ever. 

Here’s a short reading list from the re:work team to get you started:

TLRM: Book Recs for the New Year

2. INVEST IN YOUR HEART: Build Relationships & Stay Connected

It’s all well and fine to be a #boss and have your own thing going on, but never forget: having a solid network is essential to self-investment. Not only are you a social creature who thrives on meaningful connection, but you are someone who wants to achieve their goals, and for that you’re going to need some help. Human connection is underrated these days, but don’t be fooled: it’s the backbone of success. 

A great way to build a healthy, supportive network is through the platform LinkedIn. Setup is easy, and you can start making useful connections right away! 

3. INVEST IN YOUR VISION: Be Fearless & Seize new Opportunities

While it may feel natural to take that 10 to 30% out of your paycheck and sock it away for a rainy day, taking a day off work for a networking event or spending a few weekend hours on workforce training is curiously painful. Why? We can’t see past the initial cost to the rewards! 

It takes a fearless attitude and a dash of faith to actualize your vision. Have you ever heard of rose colored glasses? I challenge you to put on GOLD colored glasses: to look beyond your paycheck, the cost of time and energy, and see the big reward waiting for you. See yourself reaching your goals, because believe it or not, you can.

NEVER FORGET: You’re worth the investment.

Even though you might make mistakes, don’t get discouraged. Feed your mind, connect your heart to others, and keep your eyes focused on your future. YOU are the biggest investment you can make this year! 

Re:work training is here to help anyone willing to invest in themselves and their future. Apply for our free workforce program and be a part of the 120+ candidates who’ve gone from 17k to 55k a year, with full benefits and commission!


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