What do you think of when you hear sales? Maybe a sweaty guy trying to convince you to buy a car. Thanks to the growing industry, tech sales jobs are far more fashionable and rewarding. Here’s why you should become a sales professional this year:

1. High Demand

The tech industry is growing at amazing speeds, so there’s a need for a competent sales workforce. The unbalanced ratio between white men, minorities and women in Tech Sales hasn’t gone unnoticed. More and more tech companies are calling out for diverse candidates who can offer a different point-of-view and skillset. Now is the perfect time to jump in!

2. Job Significance & Reach

Tech sales is the life blood of any SaaS company. Without a team of savvy professionals on hand to move product, there would be no industry. As part of a team, you make valuable connections and expose yourself to different professional opportunities. There’s plenty of room to grow and climb the ladder.

3. You don’t need a background in technology

A sales professional’s main focus is connecting consumers with a product and helping them to understand how it meets their needs. Depending on the company, that can involve a variety of different methods such as cold calling, putting together product packages, or customer support. Some of these things you can learn while on the job, or through a free workforce training program like re:work training. 

4. Creative & Exciting

Tech Sales is full of juicy problems to solve, new leads to follow, new methods to learn, and more trends to analyze and incorporate into your strategy. While it can be tiring at times (there’s no shortage of rejection), the rewards surpass the struggle and the opportunities to be innovative are endless.

5. Money, money, money

Sales is the main revenue generator and employers are willing to do what it takes to keep their teams motivated. As a sales professional you can make as much as 55K/year base in an entry level position. That’s on top of performance-based bonuses, commission, travel accommodations and perks that many tech companies offer. The earning potential is amazing.

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NEVER FORGET: Bring your grit

Being a sales professional means working smart and hard. Thankfully there are resources offering helpful information and affordable courses. For a comprehensive education that is 100% free, re:work training is the leading choice. In only 8 weeks, you could be making triple your yearly earnings, or even starting your own business.

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