About us

Better incomes lead to better outcomes

Our mission

Create workplaces that reflect the diversity of our neighborhoods.

We are a non-profit organization working to empower Black and Latinx individuals by providing job training, placement opportunities starting in the Chicago area. Our goal is for 25,000 people from these communities, who we know have been overlooked thus far at higher income levels as well as lower education rates, to collectively make $30 billion in salary over 20 years!

Our vision

Re:work training envisions cities where economic freedom isn’t determined by zip code and meaningful employment is accessible to all.

Better incomes = better outcomes

Though our candidate training program and corporate partnershop, we aim to empower 25 000 Black, Latinx, People of Color to cumulatively make $30 billion in income over the next 20 years.

Our board of directors

Renee Kaplan


The Philanthropy Workshop

Joined board: 2019

Renee Kaplan is former chief strategy officer and head of programs at the Skoll Foundation where she oversaw the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, the Skoll World Forum, strategic alliances, and communications.

Ryan Baretto


Gloabal Sales @Sprout

Joined board: 2017

At Sprout Social, a social media management solutions provider, Barretto leads a team of about 350 people and has helped the company scale from less than $30 million to more than $100 million in just a few years.

On Sprout Social’s Adapt blog, Barretto wrote about how being a parent has made him a better leader. “Before having children I was much more emotional in the workplace. I’d allow things like a low-performing month to negatively — and visibly — affect me. Now I realize just how toxic that kind of behavior is and that even my solemn silence might be sending the wrong message,” he wrote. “When my team has a particularly tough month, I make it a point to call a meeting and acknowledge that it wasn’t due to a lack of focus or effort.

Proactivity prevents them from assuming I’m angry or frustrated, and positivity is more encouraging and inspiring than any lecture or rant.” Prior to joining Sprout Social, Barretto spent over a decade at Salesforce. He is a board member at Sales Assembly and re:work training, which focuses on training Chicago’s untapped communities and diversifying hiring practices within the tech industry.

Susan Clark

Managing Director,Head of Technology Value

Creation at Sun Capital Partners

Joined board: 2020

Susan Clark is a Managing Director at Sun Capital. She works with investment teams, CEOs, and senior portfolio leadership on business value creation initiatives and to develop and implement ongoing strategic and operating plans.

John Drew

General Partner


Joined board: 2016

John Drew is a General Partner at TCV. He has over 20 years of operational, financial, and technical experience, including leadership positions at several global technology companies.

Shelton Banks


re:WORK training

Joined board: 2018

Shelton is a certified diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

Harrison Horan

Sales operation

Redox Board

Chair/Founder Joined board: 2016

Our core team

Shelton Banks


Ashley Jordan

VP of Operations&Strategy

Ben Nussbaum

Director of Corporte Partnerships

Glen Kimble

Community Engagement Sr Coordinator

Kelly Manning

Director of Alumni Support and Philantropy

Joshua Buhandin

Visual & Graphic Design Coordinator

Our volunteer leadership

Matt Tharp

Director of Portfolio Operations

Gemspring Capital

Cathrine Rogers

Head of Training Enterprise Account Executive


Allyson Clark

Head of Volunteer Operations Revenue Operations


Sadie McGraw

Head of Peer Advisory Sales Manager