Job Boards Perfect for Diversity Recruiting Compliance Efforts

November 7, 2022
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Hiring from a diverse talent pool is incredibly beneficial for a company or business – scientifically confirmed by a 2017 Harvard Business Review article. Finding these employees is simple if you know how and where to look. Outlining alternative experiences, mindsets, and cultures can be the key to your company’s future. Need some more help? re:work makes it easy! can’t claim any of the shiny bells and whistles of a more modern website, but it’s been the leading job board for diversity recruiting for over 20 years. Trusted and renowned, this website holds some of the best job opportunities you will find on the market. For companies, this platform is ideal for hiring minority talents.

Some of the benefits of this platform for employers include the possibility to advertise the job for any timeframe, hire in multiple locations, and select automatic posting renewal. 

Entirely owned by African American families, this website truly understands the needs of employers and minorities, creating the perfect match! Additionally, the expert staff behind the platform will help you craft the ideal profile to attract the best candidates.

Cost for employers: $220 for a standard package of 30 days.


If you wish to implement your team with the best talents from the Latinx community, iHispano is the best job board for recruiting. Hosted by The Professional Diversity Network (PDN), this platform allows recruiters to find over 350,000 new members monthly and can be connected to your LinkedIn profile. 

One of the unique features you will find on this platform is the highly engaging and energetic theme that is difficult to find on standard job boards. Among the qualities that make iHispano unique is the fact that the website uses advanced matching features and state-of-the-art networking opportunities.

Cost for employers: $50 per job posting. 

Black Career Network

Black Career Network is a platform dedicated to matching employers with untapped talent in the African-American community. Hosted by The Professional Diversity Network, this platform boasts all the excellent features of iHispano, but with a focus to attract diversity-driven companies and professionals.

By posting your job here, you will be able to access all the talented individuals subscribing to the Professional Diversity Network (which can be as high as 350,000 per month). You can benefit from other features such as recruitment advertising and networking events, all on the same platforms. 

Cost for employers: $50 per job posting.

PDN Recruits

The Professional Diversity Network Recruits job board is much more than it seems. Here, employers can connect with talents from several minority communities and select the best candidate among thousands of subscribers per month. Due to the endless opportunities for networking, learning, and marketing, this platform has become one of the most regarded in the sector – simultaneously attracting the best employers and employees out there. 

Among the features that make this platform unique, employers can leverage the power of the innovative matching technology developed by The Professional Diversity Network. Additionally, several outreach programs and mechanisms ensure that your job posting is seen by the best candidates worldwide. 

Cost for employers: There are several packages to choose from, starting at $495.

Black Jobs

Black Jobs is one of the best platforms to check out if you are seriously looking to include African American professionals and enrich your team. This job board does not focus on selected industries or jobs, but it makes sure the candidates are the most driven and talented you will find. Leading employers such as Amazon and Netflix have chosen this platform to hire talent and create diversity in their teams. All the jobs posted on this platform are well-payed and offered by culturally-diverse employers and companies who understand the benefits of diversified groups.

Cost for employers: There are several packages to choose from, but the basic one starts at $197 for a 60-day long listing.

Whether you are a corporate recruiter or a small business looking for a talented individual to include in the team, WorkplaceDiversity has the right match. This platform covers a broad range of groups with various backgrounds, offering some of the best-performing professionals and employees out there. The website has over 160,000 Unique Monthly Visitors.

However, if you prefer precise types of skill sets, opt for one of the websites that make up this job board’s curriculum. Some of these include platforms dedicated to veterans, Hispanic and African American professionals, and professionals with disabilities.

Cost for employers: A 60-day posting costs $149.

Hispanic/Latino Professionals Association (HLPA)

Another excellent platform for scouting professionals in the Latinx and the Hispanic community is the HLPA. What sets this job board apart from others like it is its status as the official job board for Latinx professionals. The subscribers to this board are more likely to be motivated, driven and very seriously looking at taking their careers to the next level. Aside from the usual features that you will find in most boards, this one boasts sections with top-rated employers, so it can better match talents to companies.

Cost for employers: Packages start at $199.

Career Contessa

An alternative to classic job boards is Career Contessa. This website focuses on women who are interested in career development and even boasts a 1-month coaching plan for candidates to get started in their dream career. The jobs posted here are specifically aimed at professional women across the world, with several features that better target their needs.

Cost for employers: It is free to post your job, but any offer will be reviewed by the team of Career Contessa and needs to be accepted before candidates can see it.

Female Executive Search

Perfect if you’re endeavoring to improve your team with female leadership!
Cost for employers: Unlike other boards, FES works a little differently. After submitting your job posting, the team behind Female Executive Search will get in touch with the talents selected for you!

Pink Jobs

This is the leading job board for employers looking to hire talent specifically in the LGBTQ+ community.
Cost for employers: Free.


Several other job boards can be ideal for your company and its goals, and the number of these platforms are growing by the minute. Ready to diversify your business? Get in touch with re:WORK today!