Building a Stronger Program with More REPS

re:work has been recruiting, training, and placing Chicago’s overlooked talent and providing tech companies with a qualified and diverse workforce since 2016.

re:work’s objective is to not only provide our motivated candidates with work, but give them the tools and resources to grow real careers – not just get jobs –  and share their success with others. The only way to do this right is to make sure every piece of our REPS framework efficiently meets re:work candidates and employer partners’ needs. REPS represents each step of our training and placement process: Recruit, Empower, Place, and Support

In 2019, we vastly improved how we both Recruit and Empower candidates with help from corporate partners HireVue and Showpad. 


re:work prides itself on selecting underrepresented candidates who have the potential to succeed in tech and SaaS sales roles at top companies. HireVue, a company specializing in AI-based skills assessments, created a custom assessment model that tests program applicants on six competencies critical to success in sales. Since incorporating HireVue into our selection process, re:work has been able to better qualify candidates and improve training and placement outcomes. Click here to watch a video on how re:work and HireVue are creating a qualified pipeline of diverse talent.  


An industry leader in training and coaching software, Showpad donated their sales enablement training platform to re:work, which will help us deliver a more constructive learning experience to candidates. By integrating the platform with our instructor-led classroom sessions, we’ve created a blended approach to improve engagement, support mastery of lessons, and better track candidates progress through the program.  

These changes have  tremendously improved how we select and train candidates, but re:work isn’t stopping there. To round out our Placement and Support pieces, re:work has furnished a collaborative partnership with diversity recruiting platform Noirefy and independent employee resource collective B.E.S.T, or Blacks Excelling in Sales & Tech. 


Noirefy (Noir: Black -efy) is a job resource and networking platform specifically designed to connect underrepresented candidates with potential employers, as well as connect with each other.  Through features like employer reviews and rating systems, Noirefy allows candidates to grade companies on their workplace culture, compensation and benefits, and other important considerations. Giving this capability to the candidate equalizes power between employers and job seekers, creating a safer and more transparent career support space for POC to navigate.

As part of Noirefy’s partnership with re:work, our candidates will create profiles on the recruiting platform to amplify their career opportunities and connect them with hiring companies both in and outside of re:work’s current network of corporate partners. 


B.E.S.T is Chicago’s very first independent employee resource group for Black tech and sales professionals. By collaborating with BEST, re:work’s candidates and alumni are able to tap into a vast network of professionals who look like them, new business opportunities, and enjoy a safe, inclusive space where the unique issues of being #BlackatWork can be discussed. 

With B.E.S.T and Noirefy joining the re:team, 2020 is shaping up to be a year of measurable growth, success and opportunity for Chicago’s underrepresented communities. 


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