Frequently asked questions by re-work applicants

re:work is geared towards professionals ready to start a new career. We’re looking for high school graduates / GED recipients with low to moderate income. Applicants must be U.S. work eligible and available on weekend afternoons.

Prior sales experience is not required. We look for confidence, communication skills (verbal and written), drive and a passion to learn sales. Professional experience is a plus – especially something involving frequent customer interaction such as retail, restaurant service, etc.

re:work is a nonprofit. Our training is, and always will be, 100% free for applicants. Support from corporate partners and donors enables us to fulfill our mission to connect Chicago’s undiscovered talent with meaningful work.

We teach the foundation of entry-level software sales so that you are equipped with the know-how to land the job and impress your future manager and colleagues from the start.

Entry-level sales roles are about finding new opportunities for businesses to sell their products/services. These roles can lead to a career in sales, business development, marketing, or even software development.

re:work can fast-track your career, boost your earning potential and expand your professional opportunities. Training is free and wraps up in less than 2 months. Placements from re:work earn an average starting salary of $54,494 plus benefits.

While statistics like these help us measure our impact, no numbers can compare to direct testimonials from recent re:work candidates living their dreams. Candidate feature here.

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