Have you ever volunteered for, donated to or seen an advertisement from a non-profit? If so, you may have formed a blanket opinion about what they do, how they’re run and who they serve. Here are 5 key reasons why re:work doesn’t fall under that blanket:

The Mutual Benefit Principle

Many nonprofits use imagery and language that appeals to “supporter sympathy”, painting a picture of “underserved” individuals who cannot rise above their circumstances without the help of selfless outsiders. 

While this approach may work for some organizations, it can create a power imbalance between those helping and those being helped. re:work is not a charity case, and neither are our candidates.

We firmly believe in and abide by the principle of mutual benefit: individuals broadening their horizons by creating relationships with those who come from different communities, backgrounds, and perspectives. To that end, we encourage our volunteers to view our candidates as colleagues, because that’s exactly what they’re going to be.

The result? Implicit biases are dismantled, growth is experienced on both sides of the table, and we move closer to the greater goal of bridging the gap between our untapped communities and good jobs. 

Working from within the Community

The majority of our core team are from the exact communities we serve, including our CEO Shelton Banks who hails from Chicago’s Michigan and 103rd St. 

Allyship is necessary and important, but we believe that the story of systemic oppression will only end when power is put in the hands of those affected.

Practicing what we preach, we make it a priority to involve alumni in our business decisions as the company continues to grow and expand. As of this writing, two of our six core team members are former re:work candidates. 

We work from within the community we serve, so our business belongs just as much to our alumni as it does to us.

Proof in the Pudding

Did we mention that we practice what we preach?

Represented in our small organization are college graduates, re:work program graduates, and high school drop-outs; self-taught entrepreneurs and corporate trained professionals; CEOs and newly minted SDRs; White, Black, Latinx, Asian, multi-racial, generation X, Y, & Z – and the list goes on. 

 Every member of our community has unique and valuable input, and this is where our small but mighty team gets its strength to be so high impact. 

We are the living embodiment of the truth behind our mission. 

When we say no-cost, we actually mean we’ll pay you

Not only is the program completely free, but we offer our candidates an hourly pay for their time – as long as they meet re:work’s expectations to get this work! 

We pay our candidates so they never have to choose between income they need to live and investing in their professional futures.

We exist to give people the freedom to see – and dream – beyond the day-to-day grind. Our candidates work hard, and they should be paid for it!

Life-long Support System

Once a part of re:work, always a part of re:work. 

Our relationship with candidates does not end after they get a good job. With over 150 graduates served, we have recently rolled out our Alumni Association. The self-run organization provides graduates with additional employment, career development, and wellness resources that support them long after they land their first sales role. 

On the flipside, re:work doesn’t engage volunteers who only want to show up for one event to check the “giving back” box. 

Our community of candidates, alumni, volunteers, corporate partners, and supporters of all kinds are driven – both personally and professionally – to champion diversity and inclusion in and outside of the office. 

There is power in numbers, and we are building a network of re:thinkers from all different backgrounds, perspectives, and zip codes to create workplaces that are as diverse as our neighborhoods. 

Learn More

Really curious about what makes re:work training different? There’s no better way to find out than to get involved. Sign up as a candidate or volunteer, attend a workshop, or follow us on our social media pages to learn more!

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