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Creating Diverse Sales Teams

Tap into a community of overlooked and untapped talent vetted, coached, and referred by top performers at tech companies like yours.

Social Initiatives Delivering Business Results

Our comprehensive and tailored approach unites your DEI, CSR, and sales goals, creating cohesion rather than competition between your company’s different objectives

Working with us is as easy as picking up the phone. There’s no daunting process or hoops to jump through for companies to hire our candidates.

Our comprehensive and tailored approach unites your D.E.I., C.S.R. (Corporate Social Responsibility), and sales goals, creating cohesion rather than competition between your company’s different objectives.

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All we ask is for your time, talent, and/or treasure.

Reworking Employer Engagement

We offer a unique opportunity to enhance your company’s workplace culture through volunteer engagement.

Our programs connect volunteers with diverse overlooked professionals. Volunteers share experiences, networks, and develop greater loyalty and commitment to their employer when they are involved in meaningful social activity beyond work. Engagements range from short-term events to ongoing leadership opportunities, including:

  • Mock Interviews
  • Speed-Networking
  • Resume prep
  • Network building
  • Industry-specific guidance
  • round-table discussions and panel events
  • professional mentorship, and more

Every $1 donation becomes $5.69 of a candidate’s salary.

Inclusion & Cultural Sensitivity Training Available

We provide D&I training and support to talent acquisition and sales teams.

Our Inclusion Trainings are designed to complement your existing suite of unconscious bias training or can be built to support organizations just getting started in DEI.

By focusing on behaviors that will allow you to be more inclusive of untapped and overlooked communities, you are setting the tone to be more inclusive of everyone.

By joining re:WORK TRAININGs 50+ Employer partners, your company has a unique opportunity to become a leader in the D.E.I.B. space by sharing best practices we learn together along the way, and co-creating media campaigns and opportunities around your deep engagement with us.

Your company will have opportunities to share efforts to support diverse communities, gain access to a high-level corporate round table, and share best practices with a range of businesses. Additional sponsorship opportunities include our Annual Gala and more.