It only takes one to lead. It only takes one company to pave the way to a more diverse workforce, and it only takes one candidate to jumpstart their career and become a role model in their neighborhood. re:work is building the bridge between tech and Chicago’s untapped talent, changing the face of tech and lifting up our communities one success story at a time.

Our Story: Changing the Face of Tech


Serve the community.
Adopt a growth mindset.
Make altruistic decisions.
Use your voice authentically.


Avg. Candidate Salary Increase

Our goal is always to place into quality entry-level careers, meaning at least a $45k/year salary, with full benefits. re:work remains the most efficient way to jump three tax brackets.


Income Back to the Community

Currently, our candidates are making 3,807,486 a year in income that is reinvested in their families, neighborhoods, and ultimately the Chicago community as a whole.


Social Return on Investment

For every dollar invested in re:work’s program, $3.05 was returned to Chicago’s South & West Sides via candidates’ salaries in 2019.


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