Change is possible with just a little bit of work. We believe everyone deserves the chance to grow beyond their circumstances. Change can start with workplace inclusion and ripple out across families, industries and communities. Each member of our team lives that concept everyday.


Shelton Banks

Director of Operations & Strategy

Ashley Jordan

Digital Storyteller &
Communications Coordinator

Christina Wells

Visual Design Coordinator &

Joshua Buhangin

Corporate Recruitment Coordinator

Yesenia Ponce de Leon

Head of Volunteer Engagement

Matt Tharp

Head of Mentorship

Sadie McGraw

Head of Candidate Training

Catherine Rogers

Head of Partnerships

Ben Nussbaum

Salesforce Admin Intern

Katey Kenessey

re:working your career?

Board of Directors

Harrison Horan

re:work’s Founder | Sales Operations @ Redox

Joined Board: 2016

John Drew

General Partner @ TCV

Joined Board: 2016

Ryan Barretto

SVP of Sales @ Sprout Social

Joined Board: 2017

Shelton Banks

CEO @ re:work

Joined Board: 2018

Renee Kaplan

CEO @ The Philanthropy Workshop

Joined Board: 2019