re:work & HireVue Selected as Finalists for PR Week’s Brand Film Awards!

Now for some good news!

The re:team, along with our friends and corporate partners over at HireVue, are ecstatic to have made the shortlist for PR Week’s Brand Film Awards!

HireVue’s creative team worked with us to create this short film entitled Uncovering Potential to show our mission in action from the point of view of our community. The video also details how we use the company’s AI-based recruiting software to deliver a quality training and placement program to candidates and corporate partners alike.

A huge thank you to the HireVue crew for helping us create such a powerful message.

Right now, re:work’s mission to make our workplaces look more like our neighborhoods – the communities featured in this film – is more important than ever as we fight to give candidates and alumni the economic freedom to thrive, even as we face a nationwide pandemic.

Watch our short film to learn more about our mission and who we are.

Stay tuned for updates on our nomination progress for PR Week’s Brand Film Awards!


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