Professionals all over the world are turning to remote work to protect themselves and their loved ones. However, working remotely isn’t everyone’s strong suit. How can you make sure you’re productive while handling business in the living room? Here are some simple tips to help you.

1. Girl, wash your face

You may have virtual appointments that get you out of bed, but we tend to jump from the covers to the computer in our pajamas. That can be super fun at first, but over time the lack of structure can lower your motivation and self-esteem. For the majority of the week, make an effort to go through your usual morning routine. Take a shower, get dressed, and start your day off right!

2. Chill

When you work in an office, breaks are often scheduled for you, or there are colleagues around to remind you. Not so at home! That’s why having breaks scheduled into your day is so important. It’s so easy to get going on a project and forget to give your mind a rest. Regular breaks during work increase creativity, productivity, and focus. 

3. Check in with the homies

Working alone can be amazing; things get done on your terms, in your timeline. However, be careful not to become a loner. Being a professional requires connecting with people, especially in the Tech Sales arena. Above all, socializing is healthy and necessary to resist “cabin fever” or depression caused by isolation. 

4. Create a bubble

It’s so much easier to do remote work when there are no distractions. Find a spot in your home that isn’t cluttered with other activities and set up shop! Make sure to have your essential tools handy, just like you would on your desk in your office. Pro tip: when the space starts to feel too comfy or boring, relocate! One of the best things about remote work is that any spot can become your office.

Let’s get this work remote warriors!

-The re:team

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