Talk Less, Read More: Book Recs for Black History Month

Black History is American History. Educate yourself, stand in solidarity, and feel empowered with these bookshelf necessities:

The New Jim Crow– Here’s Why:

This book tackles the “school to prison pipeline” in low income communities and other effects of the original Jim Crow Laws. It’s controversial, impactful and above all educational. 

Becoming– Here’s Why:

Michelle Obama is one of the leading voices of our generation. You certainly can’t go wrong peeking into the mind of this well-rounded woman.

AmericanahHere’s Why:

Do you know the difference between an African-American and an American-African? If you don’t, you need to read this book. If you think you do, you need to read this book.  

Black Faces In White Places– Here’s Why:

This is for anyone interested in “changing the very concept of success itself”. CEO Shelton Banks was completely absorbed in the first 10 minutes of reading.

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Happy reading!

-The re:team


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