Talk Less, Read More: Book Recs from a Female CEO

Ladies, it’s the year of the #bossbabe. What’s on your bookshelf? Here are some amazing additions you can add from the reading list of Shaniqua Davis, CEO of Noirefy.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 – Here’s Why: As women we are often expected to be led by our emotions. Developing emotional intelligence is a great way to get ahead of yourself, understand leadership skills and put your emotions behind you to make better decisions.

Successful Women Think Differently – Here’s Why: This book is absolutely amazing for understanding your position as a female leader. This book helps you identify your best leadership traits and also helps you tackle things like imposter syndrome.

48 Powers of LawHere’s Why: This is a great book for leaders in general, but I think it’s particularly great for women because it helps you understand the lay of the land for ALL leaders. The 48 Powers of Law teach you all the principles needed to master the game and it’s great for a quick pick me up years later after you’ve completed the book.

-The re:team

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