Our Volunteers Love Working With Us

Our Volunteers Love Working With Us

They make a tangible difference when it comes to sharing the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity in their companies, and they change the lives of diverse talent seeking careers in tech sales.

3 Ways to Pay It Forward


Our candidates rely on mentors to help them navigate the complexities of the tech sales world. Volunteering as a mentor gives candidates a chance to ask questions, voice concerns, and more.

  • Provide previous or current candidates with ongoing support through professional and personal growth
  • Provide previous or current candidates with ongoing support through professional and personal growth

Subject matter experts are vital to our candidates’ success. When a candidate has a question about a specific aspect of tech sales or professional growth, you can provide the answers.

  • Are you a subject matter expert in your field? Serve as an on-call resource for our candidates!
  • Help re:WORK as we continue to provide education and support, even after our candidates complete the program.

re:WORK depends on professionals to train the tech sales visionaries of the future. Help us develop content for our programs or lead future professionals in training sessions.

  • Teach the tech sales professionals of the future via training sessions and mock interviews for our candidates.
  • Help re:WORK develop our curriculum to give our candidates the optimal knowledge and expertise they need.

Onboarding Steps

1. Complete the Volunteer Application

If you can spare a minimum of four hours per quarter, you can apply to become a re:WORK volunteer by filling out this form.

2. Attend a re:WORK Volunteer Onboarding Session

We host sessions our volunteers can attend once each month.

3. Find Your Perfect Opportunity

Depending on your interest and availability, opportunities include the following:

  • General Support

    Participate in mock interviews and sales challenges, facilitate classes and social events, and aid in job shadowing for our candidates.

  • Speaking Opportunities

    As a guest speaker, you can lead class sessions on general and sales-oriented career development topics.

  • Leadership Roles

    Serve as a leader by helping us change and evolve what re:WORK’s training, mentorship, and subject matter expertise volunteer programs offer.

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