Better Incomes Lead to Better Outcomes

Empowering diverse communities with knowledge and training in tech sales leads to higher earning potential.

Our Mission

We aim to facilitate workplaces that are as diverse as our neighborhoods and communities.

Through partnerships, volunteers, donors, and talented candidates, we aim to diversify the tech sales space by making workplaces more equitable and inclusive.

Our Vision

We envision cities and communities where ZIP codes have no impact on economic freedom and meaningful employment is accessible by all. Our vision is to develop workplaces in which potential means as much as pedigree.



Better Incomes = Better Outcomes

More income means more resources, including healthcare, food, and quality housing. We aim to help overlooked talent find meaningful employment in tech sales and increase their earning potential.

Our Core Team

Discover the heart and soul behind our organization. From our visionary leaders to our dedicated staff, we are proud to have assembled a team of exceptional individuals.

Shelton Banks
Chief Executive Officer
Ashley Jordan
Chief Operating Officer
Glen Kimble
Engagement Sr. Coordinator
Kenya Joyce Hatch
Director of Community Relations
JaNielle Fancie Walker
Partner Success Manager
Beth West
Director of Placements and Partnerships
Amber Kidd
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Andre W. Bourgoyne
BDR Manager

Our Volunteer Leadership Team

Meet the backbone of our organization - our incredible volunteer leadership team! Made up of passionate individuals who have generously given their time and expertise, our volunteer leaders play a critical role in driving our mission forward.

Matt Tharp
Director of Portfolio Operations
Cathrine Rogers
Head of Training Enterprise Acct. Executive
Allyson Clark
Director of Portfolio Operations
Sadie McGraw
Head of Peer Advisory Sales Manager

Our Board of Directors

Meet the dedicated and visionary individuals who guide our organization towards success - our esteemed board of directors! With a wealth of experience and expertise, our board members bring knowledge and diverse perspectives to our organization.

Renee Kaplan
CEO, The Philanthropy Workshop
Joined board: 2019

Renee Kaplan is former chief strategy officer and head of programs at the Skoll Foundation where she oversaw the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, the Skoll World Forum, strategic alliances, and communications.

Ryan Baretto
President, Sprout Social
Joined board: 2017

Ryan Barretto is the President at Sprout Social, a leading provider of social media management for business. He oversees the Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Services and Partnership organizations and is an executive member of the team driving culture and operations. Ryan has led the company from start-up (<$30m) to IPO ($350m+).

Susan Scutt
Managing Director, Head of Technology Value Creation at Sun Capital Partners
Joined board: 2020

Susan Scutt is a Managing Director at Sun Capital. She works with investment teams, CEOs, and senior portfolio leadership on business value creation initiatives and to develop and implement ongoing strategic and operating plans.

John Drew
General Partner, TCV
Joined board: 2016

John Drew is a General Partner at TCV. He has over 20 years of operational, financial, and technical experience, including leadership positions at several global technology companies.

Shelton Banks
Joined board: 2018

Shelton is a certified diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

Harrison Horan
Sales Operation, Redox
Joined board: 2016

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